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Wash Dry Fold

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ONLY $1.25 PER LB.

Step 1

Choose Your Extras ($0.50 per load)

Enzyme Laundry Booster

Color Safe Bleach

Fabric Softener

Eco Friendly Detergent

Step 2

Pick Your Upgrades

Sort by Color – $0.10 per lb

Pre-Treatment Application – $0.20 per lb

Rush Order – $0.50 per lb

Hanger Fee – $0.15 per item

Step 3

Check for Large Items


Twin – $12

Queen – $15

King – $20

Feather Bed Mattress – $50

Sleeping Bags

Small – $12

Medium – $18

Down – $28


Small (Bath) – $10

Medium – $15

Large – $20+


Small – $6

Medium – $10

Drop Off Now Available

Mon – Fri: 7 AM to 11 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM

Sat: 7 AM to 12 PM

We are capable of doing all your laundry items from professional to work wear. Don’t want to use your washing machine or have time with your busy life? We can do it all! We charge by the pound. Bring it in your laundry basket and we can wash & fold and have it ready for you!

"Clean, well lit, attendant on duty which is a big + to me. And attendant on duty very friendly and helpful."

Danny English

"Clean, equipment works, and better value than other options in town. Double load washers actually accept a double load. It seems very quiet and patrons are respectful of each other."

Timothy Black

"My new "go to" to wash bedspreads, comforters and quilts. Clean and a lot of machines! Excellent!"

Shirley Stevens

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(913) 406-9466

727 Shawnee St, Leavenworth, KS 66048